Get to Know Sue.

My three boys, on road trips, always say, “Our parents stop for all farmers’ markets and art fairs.” It is true!  We love eating local and knowing where our food comes from.  So when Riverside launched its own farmers’ market four summers ago, we thought we were in heaven!  We shopped the market every week, and enjoyed putting together heathy dinners with farm fresh ingredients.

When the Landmark ran an article in December 2010 suggesting the end of the market was near, I was happy to volunteer with a committee of great people who wanted to ensure the success of the market for many years to come.

This year the market will be bigger and better than ever, and I can’t wait to welcome  the new vendors.   There are so many things I look forward to on summer Wednesday afternoons.   Meeting the neighbors, both new and old friends, chatting with the farmers and vendors and learning about their offerings, enjoying the soothing guitar music by Paul Halvey (those are my favorite Wednesdays).  I love a great pizza dinner that night from Primo.  I love the fact that the hardest decision of the evening is plain cheese, or pesto with veggies (try the pesto if you haven’t yet– you will become addicted, too!)

It is hard to narrow down my favorite offerings at the market.  To my surprise, I really do a full weeks worth of grocery shopping there!  The fresh eggs, bacon and chicken at Farmer Nick’s is a must for us.  My kids have said they did not know chicken could taste so good.  The cherries, blueberries and peaches from Lyons Fruit Farm will keep me anticipating summer through the long winter. Oh, the peaches!  I could go on about all the varieties, only to be humbled by the apples, grapes and cider Tom brings in the fall.  I’m baking pies all season long!  Chocolate Twist is my go to baker when I need to bring a dessert to impress or a treat to say, “thank you”.  Aunt Diana’s is the ultimate bribe from my boys.  Everyone gets a treat if they are behaved at the market.   Every week, I’m transported to Paris, as long as the baguette from the nuns lasts( which is usually consumed before we get home).  I can’t forget Wild Sand Farm’s honey, melons and always interesting veggies (black green beans, anyone?).

So yes, we stop for all farmers’ markets.  But the farmers’ market in our own backyard is my favorite market of all.


One comment on “Get to Know Sue.

  1. Peter
    June 28, 2012

    Sue is awesome. Thanks to her always pleasant outreach and support we were excited to participate as a neighborhood grocer. We look forward to participating again later this summer!

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