Here’s Amy.

So, who is Amy?
I was born and raised in New Jersey, the Garden State.  My husband is still suspect that there are any “gardens” in New Jersey but I have vivid memories of stopping at roadside stands each summer to purchase just picked Jersey fresh tomatoes and corn.  Who would have guessed that New Jersey produces a ton of cranberries, tomatoes and lettuces?  I was always a big veggie eater but after moving to NY to attend college I became a vegetarian and have been ever since…it has been almost 25 years!  I moved to Chicago in 1993 and though I still have the Jersey accent, I am officially a midwesterner as I have lived her longer than in my home state.  I have one child who is a self proclaimed “omnivore” though he too eats mostly vegetarian.  My husband, also a market volunteer, took it one step further and became a vegan.  So, you can say that we are a family that really benefits from having our market in town.  I love skiing, traveling and volunteering.  I have a difficult time saying no to a good cause which is how I became involved in the Farmers’ Market.

Why did you get involved with the Farmers’ Market and why do you stay involved?
I became involved in the Farmers’ Market two seasons ago because the market was struggling to get off of the ground.  I knew that I would be personally disappointed if the market failed to thrive so I gladly got involved.  I was the only volunteer for that season and there was very little I could do alone.  Last year, I went from a party of one, to a large group of committed Riverside volunteers who had a similar desire to see our market succeed.  Having the support of this diverse, enthusiastic group of volunteers made all the difference and the weekly market soon became a desired place to gather and shop.  The local food movement is very important to me and I saw the market as a way to support such a movement.  The ability to know my grower is so important to me and I am thrilled that we have a Riverside farmer with us again this year (Wild Sands Farm).  Many of our farmers this year use sustainable farming practices which is also important to me.  I have really loved working with the other market volunteers and they are a big reason why I will continue to be involved.

What do you wish more people knew about the market?
I wish that people knew that we take their feedback very seriously.  We looked at their responses to our online survey last year and this year and used that information to make this year’s market even better and more appealing.  We want to hear from you so please respond to our online survey if you want to be heard!

What is your favorite farmers’ market offering, staple, aspect or purchase?
My favorite Farmers’ Market offering is the beautiful berries and apples from Lyons Fruit Farm.  This is their third year with us and I am  excited to make my first purchase!


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This entry was posted on May 31, 2012 by in Amy.

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