Then There’s Mark…

So, who is Mark? Born and raised in the Chicago area, I create brand strategy for companies at a brand and marketing firm downtown. I moved to Riverside with my wife, also a market volunteer, in 1999 and we’ve loved raising our eight year old son in the community. The connection between what we eat and how we feel is an important one to me, and something I think often gets overlooked in this country and other parts of the world. We’re fortunate to live in a country where food, for the most part, is abundant, but it’s a double-edged sword: it’s often too easy to not give some consideration to what we’re eating. That’s one of things I really like about the Riverside Farmers’ Market – that you can meet the people who produced the food you’re buying and get an appreciation for what went into it (literally and figuratively). 

Why did you get involved with the Farmers’ Market and why do you stay involved?I originally got involved via being the village trustee liaison to Riverside’s Economic Development Commission, which had a hand in starting the market in 2009. We had a good start, but needed some help after our second year. We were fortunate to attract the group of dedicated volunteers we now have, who are not only running the market and its associated programming, but expanding it beyond what any of us expected just two years ago. I think the market provides the village with a nice complement to the food options that we already have here in Riverside, and it’s been a great gathering place for the community for the past few years. I want to see it continue to grow and thrive with the support of residents.

What do you wish more people knew about the market? That you could come here every week and find something different and delicious or interesting each time. We have great vendors who are really excited about being in Riverside, and try to bring something new for customers as much as they can.

What is your favorite farmers’ market offering, staple, aspect or purchase? I really enjoy the fact that we get farmers and vendors from all over the Chicago area and neighboring states to come into Riverside and sell here. The feedback that we get from the vendors about how successful they’ve been in the village and how much they enjoy talking to the residents is another great part of the market. They love selling in a community like ours.


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This entry was posted on May 31, 2012 by in Mark.

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