Where Does Andrea Fit In?

Nice to meet you.

I typically describe myself as a hardworking, multi-tasking mama of two, determined to change the world; everyone else just describes me as intense. During the day I am in professional service firm marketing and currently work for a law firm in Chicago. I help the people I work with think through how they use their resources including time, money, and energy to build their businesses. I have lived in Riverside for two and a half years and have succumbed to getting a dog, the swim club and running along the river but have yet to purchase a tandem bike. I am a voracious reader and love to travel.

How did I get here?

On a train ride home one day, another mom and I were discussing the rapid and early development of girls. She shared recent statistics with me and I refused to believe them. Sure enough, after a couple of google searches I was astounded by the reality of it and even more amazed that I had never really stopped and asked, “Where does my food come from? How did it get here? and What is it doing to me and more importantly, my daughter?” This led me down a path of reading everything I could get my hands on regarding factory farming, agriculture, nutrition, and diet related health concerns. I changed my lifestyle and now am lovingly refered to as “The Crazy Vegan.” And I will talk to anyone who will listen about what I have learned (I’m sorry, who gave me access to a blog?). So when an invitation to participate in our town’s Farmers’ Market reached my desk it seemed like a great way to bridge my passion with my experience – I call it, using my powers for good.

Our Market

I wish more people knew how affordable the market is. I think there’s a common misconception that buying directly from the farmer is inconvenient and expensive. It’s not true. I spend about the same, if not less overall, for my purchases at the market. Sure, I have to meal plan in advance and prepare a bit more but as far as out of pocket dollars, I can’t say I spend more and we’re vegans  – we eat a lot of vegetables!

Crews Approved

I’ll admit I’m a sucker for the sweet mirai corn from Twin Gardens, pretzel bread from Scratch Bakery, and the jalapeno peppers from Wild Sands.


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This entry was posted on May 31, 2012 by in Andrea.

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