How Do You Do Helen?

My goal in the summer is to spend as much time outdoors as possible–and a perfect day for me is eating every meal al fresco. To shop and then cook outside is a bonus, so I am a big fan of grilled fruits and vegetables and simple salads. At the Riverside Farmers’ Market, the variety of prepared foods adds something special to the market. It’s fun to watch families shop and see everyone zero in on their favorites. For me, it’s Farmer Nick’s seasoned burgers, and I’ll be first in line for more honey from Wild Sands, almond croissants From Scratch, and perfect peaches from Lyons Fruit Farm.

I volunteered for the farmers’ market committee to help develop a place where all ages and interests can come together. The neighborliness of the market reminds us that we share this community and its resources. I have a special interest in conservation and sustainability. Sometimes I worry about the planet and look for ways to “Think globally and act locally.” When I apply this to the farmers’ market, I am inspired by the words of Francis Moore Lappé, author of Diet for a Small Planet: “Some Americans see the food movement as ‘nice’ but peripheral—a middle-class preoccupation with farmers’ markets, community gardens and healthy school lunches. But no…it is at heart revolutionary, with some of the world’s poorest people in the lead, from Florida farmworkers to Indian villagers. It has the potential to transform not just the way we eat but the way we understand our world, including ourselves. And that vast power is just beginning to erupt” (The Nation, 3 Oct. 2011).

With the sponsorship of the Village, the volunteer committee for Riverside Farmers’ Market has developed partnerships with Riverside Public Library, joined the Riverside Chamber of Commerce, and won grant funding from Riverside Township and Riverside Junior Woman’s Charity. Our fourth annual season promises to be a great success.


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This entry was posted on June 4, 2012 by in Helen.

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