The Energy of Our Market – Week 1

There’s something about the energy on the first day of a market.

Something that is proving difficult to describe in a blog post or even a photo.

You work hard all winter to think through all of the details, to take the feedback from residents, and to attract new farmers. You think through signage, and layout, and programming, and recipes, recycling and waste and of course the weather, harvest, train schedules, organic, and local, gluten-free and vegan and grass-fed, Facebook rollouts and press releases and church bulletins.

But, surprisingly that’s only half of it. On the first day, you need people to show up. You need to back up what you’ve been telling potential vendors and hope that they find value in what is a volunteer project built on commitment and passion.And then the day arrives. The trucks roll up one by one and unload their offering; they set up their tents and tables. The swirl of activity begins: who goes wear, who needs electricity and who arrives late. You cross your fingers and when 2:30 rolls around, take a deep breath, look around and wait to see if the people roll in.

And the first week of our market that’s exactly what happened. We excitedly opened to a record high of 1339 customers and 24 vendors.

It was busy and full and seemingly buzzing with people and that previously energy mentioned – a strange mix of new and fresh yet so strongly familiar.

We are so proud and so grateful that so many people gathered around in support of what has become our market. Hopefully, you felt it too- that energy and that makes you call it your market.


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This entry was posted on June 20, 2012 by in Andrea.

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