Vendor Profile: BWGSLAM Potters



We are a group of three potters who formed a partnership/friendship because we enjoy working together and doing art fairs and festivals as a team.  The name is derived from the initials of our names:  Barb Wilcop, Gabi Stangl and Laurie A. Marsh.

Barb Wilcop and Laurie Marsh have lived in La Grange for more than 20 years and met at the now defunct Terra Incognito Studio in La Grange about five years ago.  When they met they were independent study students and renting shelves.  That was the beginning of their friendship.

When that studio closed nine of the people decided they wanted to continue to throw clay and in 2011 formed a non-profit coop, the Village Potters in La Grange Park. Barb and Laurie met Gabriella (Gabi) when she picked up a flyer at the grocery store inviting everyone to come see our new studio. We immediately became friends and formed our own separate partnership and sell together outside the studio.

Gabi’s love of clay started in her hometown of Prague when she was very young. She studied ceramics at Prague University, worked as a production potter professionally and immediately joined the studio as a shelf holder and independent study student.  We formed our BWGSLAM partnership about six months later.  She has incredible skills, and her style is old world and beautifully detailed.

Barb Wilcop has been involved with art for years and took classes at Terra Incognito and elsewhere and concentrates on the Arts and Crafts period which reflects her own special style.  She also has her own “Into the Woods” brand and sells on-line.  The name is derived from her love of Pagossa Springs, Colo., where she also has a home. Her attention to detail is phenomenal and her handiwork is beautifully reflected in her unique pieces.  She is the Kiln Director at the studio and makes some of her own glazes.

Laurie Marsh has been in art since a very young age.  As an Air Force brat she has traveled extensively and her work reflects this.  Laurie was an art major and worked in ceramics, oils, watercolors, batiks, sculpting, jewelry making and has finally come full circle and returned to her love of mud.  Her work reflects her admiration of various cultures, nature, all creatures great and small. She has been called the Fearless Glazer and Glazilla – because of her unique use of glazes and unusual style.  She is the Glaze Director at the studio and makes all the glazes every Sunday and works the gallery on most Saturdays, while working full time at the corporate offices of McDonald’s in Oak Brook.

The BWGSLAM Partnership has brought three unique individuals together who are great friends who make phenomenal pottery.  Besides the Riverside Farmer’s Market we have sold our items at other farmers markets as well as the Graue Mill Art Fair and numerous other festivals and fairs around the area.  We also sell at several locations in and around the La Grange area.

By Laurie Marsh, on behalf of BWGSLAM Potters


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