The Riverside Farmers’ Market will run on Wednesdays from 2:30-7pm June 6 through October 10, 2018 for our ninth consecutive year.  The market offers shoppers a wide choice of produce, meats, baked goods, confections, locally prepared foods and other specialty goods and services.

In 2016, the market moved to Centennial Park, located just off Riverside’s Central Business District, next to the historic Riverside Water Tower (near 10 Pine Ave. on the north side of the railroad tracks).  This new location allows for us to continue to grow. In 2017, the market featured 20 vendors, offering locally grown and produced food for everyone from those who enjoy naturally raised pork to vegans. The market makes it easy to find what you are looking for, with vendors having designations such as organic, produced by Riverside residents and made with locally-sourced ingredients.

The Riverside Farmers’ Market is not only a great place to shop, it also provides programming each week, often in conjunction with the Riverside Public Library. The 2018 schedule includes live music, a weekly scavenger hunt, crafts and kids’ activities making the market truly a family event for people of all ages. Every week there’s something new to learn or do with your family or friends.

The market also showcases the best of the Riverside community through featuring Riverside community groups at many of the markets. Come learn more about cornerstones of the village.

Hundreds of Riverside residents and those from the surrounding communities visit the market each week. If you are a regular customer, we appreciate your continued support and are proud to bring you even more choices and activities in 2018. If you haven’t had the time to visit the market in the past, this is the year to do it! Either way, it’s time to buy from your old favorites or discover something new each week at the 2018 Riverside Farmers’ Market.


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